What Makes a Camera Drone Good?


  • There are many different types of camera drones that flood the market each year
  • Drones are different in a lot of ways
  • There is not a single list that can completely determine what makes a camera drone “good”

There are many different types of camera drones that flood the market every year. These flying devices also tend to get better year after year with more and more advanced technologies integrated to them to make them more resistant and easier to maneuver.


But if you’re one whose curiosity about drones doesn’t cease to increase, you’ve probably wondered “I want to know what a good camera drone is”. High five! I’ve also wondered the same and haven’t actually found a written list of everything that makes a camera drone “good”.

However, generally speaking in the context of drones, it would do injustice to establish a defined set of characteristics that would determine a “good drone”. Since drones differ in size, price, flight, weight, and other features, it would be difficult to establish a concrete list to determine which ones are good and which are not.

So how will your “I want to know what a good camera drone is” query be answered? Simple, I advise you to read camera drone reviews. Regardless of where it’s in  the form of a video or a blog post, reviews are good forms of content that could shed light into what you should consider when eyeing a drone.

Aside from reviews, it also pays to look up for social media posts and comments about camera drones. Sure, there’s quite a lot and it could take a minute or two of scrolling to fully get a good grasp of what people of the internet think about camera drones. But trust me, these social media comments are almost as good as reviews when it comes to reliability.

Like you, I also thought of how “I want to know what a good camera drone is”. And a few reviews and pages of camera drone reviews after, I still haven’t found a concrete “10 commandments” type of list that completely determines what a good drone is. But on the flipside, I know now what drones to purchase, and why— so I think that’s good enough.

Guide on How to Review Portrait Workflows

  • Workflow reviews depend on the reviewer
  • Tips on how to create a workflow review
  • Reviews are ways for the reviewer, the company, and other customers to see what the customers have to say about the product

Okay, so you want to create a review about portrait workflows? Well generally, there are many ways to create a review. You can make it however as long or short as you want. You can concentrate on its basic features or go in depth, mentioning all its features and what makes each standout or fail.

Image result for portrait photography

However, in this article, we will look deeper into what a review generally includes. So, how to review portrait workflows?

  • The product/s- What are the brushes, presets or actions that you got from the workflow? When writing this part better be specific about the set that you got. Although it is not necessary, you can specify each product and give a brief description on each.
  • Likes- You may not like the product that you got, or you might think that it’s the best workflow in the world. However, no matter how irrelevant you think the upside of the workflow is, it is important to specify it.
  • Dislikes- Just like the upsides, it is also important to discuss the downsides of each product to explain what did not work for you, and what the developers/creators could do better.
  • Suggestions/Reactions- In this part you can give insights on what you want to see or not see in future portrait workflows. You can also give your reaction to it’s performance.

We hope this articles answered your “how to review portrait workflows” query. But really, how to review portrait workflows must all come from your brain. Whatever you want to say to the creators must be included in the review. It is a way for them to know their customers’ feedback and for others to know why they should or shouldn’t get the product.

Photoshop Action Bundles


  • What is Photoshop
  • Photoshop action bundles and its uses
  • Where to get these bundles

Adobe Systems Incorporated has basically developed one of the most revolutionary software in the field of photography. Adobe Photoshop has become a staple and a must when doing digital photography. It has basically become a necessary step in order to produce a high quality digital photo. Photoshop is so powerful that it has already become a verb which means to alter a photo. The reason why it is very popular among users is because of it features and options. You can practically do anything you want with an image as long as you know how to. The problem is, with its many options, it takes a lot of time to fully master it and maximize its potential. Plus, it involves a lot of imagination and creativity in order to do the unique things you can do with it.

Image result

There is a secret though in achieving some of the edits that Photoshop masters do. It is called Actions. These are presaved sequences of settings that you can apply to a digital photo in order to achieve a certain effect. So, if you don’t know how to replicate an effect, all you have to do is search for free Photoshop action bundles on the internet and download them. It’s pretty easy how to install them so that won’t be a problem. Think of these actions as shortcuts to getting the effect you want. Imagine how much time you can save if you are using these especially if you are an earning photographer.

With that said, where can you get free photoshop bundles? There are lots that abound on the internet but the best bundles come from They ensure that the photoshop actions you download are made by experts and professional photographers. That is a guarantee that they make sure to uphold.

Reading Excellent Action Camera Reviews

  • Intelligent reviews about camera and photography from John
  • Affordable action cameras to use for everyday activities
  • Getting to know more about certain features of your action camera for better quality photos

Outdoor photography? And you need the type of action camera for your outdoor photography? Then you need not to go further online, John wrote about them here.


The internet is replete with blogs and reviews about action cameras or outdoor photography for that matter, but John wrote about them here, with recommendations, of course.

You need a special kind of action camera for your outdoor photography. You need to consider a lot of things, particularly those moving subjects, like animals or even the swaying of those leaves. Ordinary cameras aren’t capable of capturing their movement without altering the image, with these action cameras, though, you capture the movement as soon as you take it.

And John wrote about them here in detail. He even made elaborations why this particular camera is suitable for outdoor or even indoor events. He reviewed most of the cameras with a lot of reference. And he’s giving tips that most photographers are hesitant to share. John is more than capable because he is an accomplished photographer himself.

So the next time you think of action cameras for your outdoor photography, you need to read reviews from John first, especially the durability of these cameras. John wrote about them almost every week just to give tips on his readers on what kind of action cameras to buy.

It pays to read a review from John. He is more than willing to answer your questions pertaining to cameras, photography, or camera films for that matter. His reviews are easy to read in the same way that these action cameras are easy to use for your outdoor photography.

Wedding Goes Black and White with Lightroom


  • Appropriate black and white presets for your wedding pics available online
  • Stunning B&W wedding photos courtesy of Lightroom presets
  • Varied and diversified B&W presets for additional effect on your wedding pics

Never believe for a moment that if you go black and white (B&W) with your wedding pictures that you’re not perking up the imagination of your viewers. On the contrary, going B&W with your wedding photos makes way for greater characterization of your photo images.


That is the reason why these B&W wedding Lightroom presets remains one of the most in-demand collections out there for those weddings and receptions.

Let us examine closer, though, what makes these B&W wedding Lightroom presets the in thing as far as enhancing these wedding photos go.

  • All About Appeal – There is a different kind of vibe every time you transform your photos into black and white ones. Since you only have two sets of color to work with, that is, black and white, you tend to be creative when it comes to editing it. The result, most of the time, increases the character of your photo images. And that is a powerful effect when it comes to photography.
  • There’s Mystery Too – You can either enhance the texture of your image by increasing the black tone or diffuse the feel of your photo by increasing the white tone of it. That is handling that element of mystery in a photo, that is, if you are experimental enough to use it with your wedding pics.
  • Variety is All – You might want to add interest in your collection by presenting these beautiful wedding pics in black and white mode. For purposes of variety, this makes your viewers viewing a bit more interesting than giving them colored photos most of the time.

So these B&W wedding Lightroom presets make your photo editing experience a bit more exciting and creative because it allows you to experiment other effects by using two sets of colors only. You don’t need to be colorful with your wedding pics by going for colors all the time, you can have that same kind of effect if you use these B&W wedding Lightroom presets for your photos.

Lightroom Presets and Portraits

  • Presets that would look good on your portraits
  • A video tutorial as guide for your downloaded presets
  • Presets that can make an album out of your wedding photos

The web is a repository of free Lightroom presets for portraits. So if you are looking to enhance your portraits for your website or social media page, just download these free Lightroom presets for portraits right now.

The benefits can come in handy with these free presets for your portraits. You will get to see your photos generating a lot of “likes” and constantly being shared online. There is no excuse really if you can’t produce quality pictures with the presence of these free Lightroom presets for portraits. All you need to do is download these presets and start using it on your photos.


You can choose from a wide variety of presets available online, experimenting it with its features for you to create stunning images that you would normally see in glossy magazines and posters. Just imagine, though, that you can come up with these images and the tools you used are free online.

These free Lightroom presets for portraits come in different forms and style. It comes in bundles, too, so you can enhance your photos in so many ways, enhancing it even as if it’s an extension of your personality. And don’t be too caught up with its tools when you start using them, they are easy to use.

Another feature of these free Lightroom presets for portraits is its storing system, where you can file your images in a folder, a customized module so you can track and even use these photos in the future or when there’s an appropriate preset that would suit your particular image.

So you are only limited by your imagination with these free Lightroom presets for portraits. You can even make your face like that of the sketches of the great Norman Rockwell, enhancing your group photos with a retro mood, or even making an album of your wedding photos. Everything is quite possible with Lightroom, and not just with portraits.

All you need to do now is scour the web for these free Lightroom presets for portraits. Even if it’s your first time to use this app, you need not worry at all, because there is a video tutorial for you to follow through, and for you to produce quality photos in the process.

New Features to Expect in Lightroom 6.3

pic10What to expect in Lightroom?

Well, I have been a Lightroom user since 2007, and I’ve come to realize that the program has transformed into a gigantic and very useful photo editing tool. Every year or two, the company never fails to produce good quality performance update of Lightroom. That’s why in this article, we will talk about the new features to expect in Lightroom 6.3.

Enhanced Auto Face Detection

During the release of Adobe Lightroom 6, the company include face detection as its new feature. However, there were some bugs noted within the first months after the release. Lightroom’s  face detection has detected and applied the wrong keyword and people which became an issue to most users. In Lightroom 6.3, users must expect that the face detection service will be better and accurate since Adobe has finally fixed the bugs.

In addition, users can now freely add their personalized keywords and tags to locate their files easily. They will automatically identify the images as it will appear during the process of face detection.

Simplified HDR Merge Feature

This feature was created to merge two images in a different camera shot and adjustments. Although this might be a good feature, users are still confused on how this merging actually works.

With Adobe Lightroom 6, third upgrade, Lightroom users can instantly merge two HDR images easily since the program has a built in tutorial on how to use the HDR merge.

Improved Panorama Merge

Panorama images are great since it can capture the best landscape shots. In Lightroom 6, users can merge two panoramic shot to make it one. But the thing here is that this feature becomes the biggest editing challenge for beginners since they have to be very careful in merging two panoramic images to make it look natural.

Adobe decided to improve the basic panorama merge options so that beginners can combine images without compromising the adjustments and color of the image.

Unseen Lightroom Features

LR 15Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing tools in the market today. However, there are still some things that you don’t know about it. In this article, we will talk about two of the unseen Lightroom features: Smart Previews and Virtual Copy.

Smart Previews

Unlike the other image editing tool such as Photoshop, Lightroom contains smart previews, which allow you to view raw and edited images.  This smart preview feature also allows you to create a high and low resolution, which you can use for other editing purposes. Moreover, you can work with both your files in the external hard drive and Lightroom storage. This makes it easier to apply significant adjustments to your images.

This tool is highly useful for individuals who are dealing with a lot of images, especially professional photographers who have hundreds of editing tasks. Importing and exporting images through smart previous will be less complicated. Once you’ve decided to create and use smart previews, Adobe Lightroom will automatically store them in a separate image folder.

Virtual Copy

Another unseen feature is the virtual copy where you can save a large number of preset and images that is located in the develop module. One of the advantages of this feature is that each copy automatically made by Lightroom can use a different image setting depending on what you like to use.

Essentially, virtual copies are not merely copying the original image, but a copy of the image setting of the file to which it can be used for other purposes. Moreover, virtual copies are set of instructions with detailed information about the original file from the camera. You will be needing this information when creating new presets. Lastly, you can edit and save this information every now and then. However, if you want another set and styles of preset setting, you can get the Best Lightroom presets at

These two unseen features in Lightroom play an important role in the image process. Make sure to explore these two so you can use it appropriately.

Switching from Photoshop to Lightroom

It is an open secret that since before most of us can remember, photographers have been using Photoshop to edit their photographs despite the fact that this was not the originally intended purpose of this software. When Adobe released Lightroom, photographers realized that there was something better out there in the name of Lightroom. The workflow of Lightroom is a bit different from the one for Photoshop and we are going to look at how you can make the transition from Photoshop to Lightroom as smooth as possible. lightroom-photoshop-header-664x374

Multiple Image editing

Photoshop gives you the ability to edit only one photograph at a time. This is drastically different from Lightroom which allows you to apply edits and effects to a huge number of images. This not only allows you to work faster, it also allows you save the changes you have made for use with other photographs. Multiple image editing is made possible though the use of Lightroom Presets.

Non-destructive editing

One of the biggest differences between Photoshop and Lightroom is the fact that Photoshop does not allow you to edit RAW photographs but Lightroom does. One of the most profound advantage of being able to edit RAW images is the ability to apply non-destructive changes to the photographs you have. With adobe Lightroom, you do not actually edit the RAW images, what you do is tell the software the profile that it needs to use to create your smallest action camera JPEG images. This means that the original image remains untouched and therefore the changes can be reversed really easily.

Use of Lightroom Presets

Presets are a collection of effects that you can apply to images and photographs to make them profoundly different from their originals. Although photoshop has brushes, they are not as complex and immersive as the Lightroom presets are available on the internet. These Lightroom presets do not only allow you to apply a wide range of effects on your photographs with one click, they can also help drastically improve the quality of your images. lightroom This is by allowing you to manipulate and edit colors, tones, contrasts and more to create the exact look that you are looking for.

Simpler learning Curve

A lot of beginners feel that Photoshop has a learning curve that is too steep. This is because it is full of too many bells and whistles. Even if you are new to adobe Lightroom, you can always get a few Lightroom Presets that you can use to begin editing photographs right away. This makes Lightroom a lot more beginner-friendly than Photoshop will ever be.

Lightroom Tips

LR46Knowing your way around Lightroom gives you the flexibility to try multiple ideas to see which works the best in a given situation. Here are some tips to help you:

Use solo mode.  Beginners can get really flustered by scrolling up and down the list of open panels in Lightroom, that’s why you should turn on Solo Mode.  In that way, the only panel you’ll see is the one you’re working on.  Solo mode saves the day and makes Lightroom much more usable by auto collapsing any panel that you have open as soon as you begin interacting with another panel.  To activate “Solo Mode”, just right click on the title of any panel -> select “Solo Mode” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Use luminance to create an intense sky. In Lightroom, you might first reach for the saturation slider for enhancing your sky. For all beginners, saturation is going to intensify the colors globally, which may not be desirable if all you’re concerned about is the sky. Furthermore, saturation is a touchy setting and can easily begin to mess with skin tones and other important areas that you don’t want to mess up.  By dropping down to the hue, saturation and luminance panel you can easily target the exact colors you want. Yet, saturation may not be the best way to go as the results can become almost cartoony with even a small adjustment.

The good alternative of this is to use the blue luminance slider. The result is a darker, bolder sky that you certainly tweak on an incremental level without messing up blue portions of the image.

Quick Skin Fixes. Simply adjusting the brightness, if the symptom is dark, red skin, and you want to brighten it up little, which must bring the color back towards something natural.  Moreover, as a side effect, some of the detail begins to drop off, which is really a good thing when you’re dealing with pores and wrinkles that are overly apparent.  Then, we once again turn to Luminance slider, and you’ll want to increase the luminance for both red and orange.  This has the effect of brightening the skin up and immensely as a natural ways that’s not too harsh.

Sync Capture Times from Multiple Shooters. One of the coolest and easiest things to do when you have a multiple shooters is to sync the clocks on your personal cameras. This wreaks havoc when it comes time to import.  It can be very provoking to attempt to sort through photos if they’re bouncing back and forth between two different points in the day. Fortunately, Lightroom offers a solution. It’s a little boring, but when you get the workflow down you’ll be able to do it in a minute or two.

Fading a Lightroom Preset.  I’m a fan of Lightroom presets. With a solo click I can take image from boring to amazing. Suddenly, the certain problem that you run into with built-in presets and those that found online is that they’re merely too strong. For the most part, you like the effect, but just wish there was a way to reduce it. Lightroom brasil offers you reduce the opacity of preset.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make your Lightroom life easier.

Adobe Lightroom: Advantages of Using Presets in Editing Portrait Images

pic2Photography has always been part of my daily routine. I make sure that I always bring my camera with me so that I can capture a lot of beautiful stuffs everywhere I go. However, in order for me to produce more stunning images, I need to use adobe lightroom to edit and organize my photos and save time as well.

A couple of months ago, I wrote something similar to this topic and it is about how to use presets in portrait image and today, I decided to dig a little deeper into it and discuss more about the advantages using lightroom presets in editing portrait images.

One of the greatest advantages of adobe lightroom presets is that it allows me to explore beyond the features of other photo editing softwares such as Photoshop. Lightroom allows me to save and preserve the original setting of the image since it is a non-destructive program.

Listed below are some of the best advantages of using presets in editing portrait images:

  • If you have a great idea in the back of your mind, you can apply it freely in lightroom’s basic panel. You can create your own presets that will suit to portrait images. Moreover, customized presets can be used anytime you want in different images.
  • Lightroom presets can help us save a lot of time. Presets can be applied to hundreds of images at once.
  • Lightroom presets are reusable and modifiable. If you want to perform minor or major changes in your presets, you can do it as long as you want.
  • Presets for portraits are downloadable, so if you are too tired to create a customized preset, you can always download it for free. Make sure to check the bundle first to avoid extra hassles.

Hopefully, you can recognize all of these advantages in your lightroom’s journey. There are a  lot of sites that offers the best lightroom presets for portraits and simple resume template, make sure to choose the most excellent site.

Personal Experience With Lightroom

Pbn3I have been using the best photo editing tool since its first beta version, and I’ve seen a lot of changes and great updates from time to time. Before, I can say that the 3rd version of lightroom was the greatest upgrade, but when lightroom 4 was released, I knew that the company will continue to surprise me with their upcoming lightroom versions.

When I bought lightroom 5, I thought that it does not have any major improvements, but after months of using it, I noticed some positive changes with my images. More valuable tools were offered in lightroom 5. I cannot hide the fact that I love photography so much, but raw images from the camera are not enough, I need some helpful tools like lightroom to make it even more stunning and livelier. Lightroom is very different from adobe Photoshop, but I’m not saying that it replaces the value of Photoshop. It’s just that with lightroom, everything is fast and easy especially its presets for lightroom. Unlike in actions for photoshop, I can edit hundreds of images at once by using lightroom presets or commonly known as filtered images that can be applied to make it look more beautiful.

If you ask me if I would recommend lightroom to photographers, I would definitely and undoubtedly say yes. Why? Because everything can be done in it, from minor and major color adjustments, to removal of spots and blemishes to cropping, application of presets, photo organization and management and more. What more could we ask for? Lightroom definitely helps us photographers save a lot of time. With lightroom we don’t need to edit images manually as we used to do in Photoshop. I recommend aspiring photographers and other users to watch and read useful adobe lightroom tips, techniques and guidelines. I’m sure you’ll love it like I do.

Installing Adobe Lightroom Presets

lightroomMost of us are fond of using adobe lightroom. One of its amazing features is the different types of presets. Lightroom has the capability of modifying images in one click. That is the reason why most professional photographers use it since it helps them save time and effort.

Fortunately, there are a lot of simple ways to install lightroom preset. Today, in this article, we will talk about installing lightroom presets using a method that is similar to any user preset, gallery presets and print presets. Watch the video on how to install adobe lightroom easily:

Here are some of the simple method to install lightroom presets:

Basic and Simple Method

In the presets panel section, you will see a folder of all presets. Right click anywhere in the same spot and a pop up menu will appear. Choose “import” in the option and you will see a browser window in which you are allowed to pick any file of presets saved on your personal computer. After selecting a preset, click import and lightroom will do the filtering for you. You are also allowed to create new folders by using the presets panel in which you can drag selected presets. This basic and simple method works perfectly fine since it does not need a lot of effort and control.

The Lightroom Method

There is one way and more advanced method to manage your lightroom presets. This method is also better for organizing files since it moves presets around where it should be. To start off, you will need to click the folder where all your presets are stored or to the lightroom preferences. After that, go to the tab of “presets” and then click show lightroom presets folder.

Once you are in the folder, add and rename the folder, drag presets around and get the collection of lightroom presets to save time in editing.

Save and Store Lightroom Presets With Collection

This method is not shown in the lightroom preferences in the preset window. In most cases, photographers don’t want to use it because it requires more time and effort. Once you checked this box, your collection of presets will be stored with each catalog. Moreover, you can re-import presets anytime you want.

Back Up and Save Your Lightroom Presets To Another Storage

One of the disadvantage of lightroom is that it goes back to default setting. Which means all of your saved collections of presets will be deleted anytime. In order to avoid losing the presets, back up and save your lightroom to storage or maybe save it to cloud, dropbox or etc. It is advised that you back up your files every after use of lightroom presets to avoid the hassles of tracking down and replacing presets.

These 5 simple method will help you install and use adobe lightroom easily. For a more detailed instructions about installing and using lightroom presets, check the’s guide on how to install presets. Always remember to back up your files in order to protect everything you have made.


Do’s And Do Not’s in Photography

Photography is an art; it is like painting and music. It is free and embracing with no definite rules and policies. It is as free as a wandering butterfly in terms of how far it can go despite its humble beginnings. From a single ant to the biggest asteroids and planets, you can take a photograph whichever way you like. However there are certain tips, tricks and hacks that you can use to further how much you can soar when it comes to photography, whatever style and subject you like to give much attention to.


Choose the perfect subject that fits you
photographyYou cannot capture a good photograph of a subject that doesn’t interest you. You will just get bored and unattached. For you to be able to capture and bring out the best photographs, your heart and soul must be attached to the subject, if not you will eventually get bored and you will just opt to stop. For you to choose the perfect subject for you, list down all the possible subjects that interest you and pick out the one that is most accessible to you, the one that most challenges you and the one that you love taking a picture of.

Choose the perfect camera for you
If you have the means, do invest to a camera that will satisfy all your needs and wants. Whether you’re in photography for business or for leisure, buying the perfect camera for you is surely worth the investment. You have to consider all the features and specifications of the camera for you to be able to choose the best one that suits you. There are many types and kinds and brands of cameras out there, you have to spend some time in researching what is really the best for you.

Love What You Do
This is the best trick in taking a good photograph. You must love your craft, love what you are doing, and love taking pictures, love photography. You must in yourself be able to say that you are proud of what you are doing and you would love to do it over and over again. With this, you will never get tired of capturing photos and you will never be bored in the process of photography. Love for photography is always an essential and integral part of being a good photographer and photography enthusiast.

Do Not’s

photography as a businessConsider Photography a Business
While it might be true that photography can be a source of income, it is not an essential part of photography. A good photographer must always keep in mind that photography is an art; it is an expression of life and love. When you start thinking of photography as a business, it is the start of the degradation of photography in your life. Photography, by all means, must emanate from passion not from greed.

Base Quality from Equipment
While it might be true that better equipment can lead to better results, it does not necessarily mean that good equipment is needed to come up with a good photograph. It all boils down to your skill and heart as photographer. As long as you have your heart and will as weapon, despite your low-class equipment, you can be able to come up with good, if not the best, photographs possible.